Susan Kitchen

Thank you very much for the great work. The windows look so nice + clear + cool. They did such a great job of installing them. I love to sit + watch our 2 baby mules out of the big east window.


LuAnn Landwehr, Home Owner

"When I decided to purchase new siding for my house, I called only one business for an estimate.  I chose Thermal Tech due to past services I received from them.  A few years ago, Thermal Tech installed three picture windows and seven vertical slider windows on my house.  I discussed siding with Jay Nordwall at that time.  He was honest, informative and patient with my questions.  I contracted Thermal Tech for three garage windows, a back exterior door, soffit and siding.  The installation of my siding was flawless.  I am ecstatic over the final look of my house.  I urge anyone considering exterior upgrates to their home to contact Thermal Tech and relax into the confidence of an excellent job performed with professionalism."

Eric Sprunk, VP of Merchandising, Nike Inc.

"I have been looking to put an awning on the front of our home on Flathead Lake for quite some time.  I had several concerns about it, most importantly the aesthetics as the area it is covering faces the lake and it was important to maintain the natural look of the house.  Jay came down to the lake home and spent a lot of time with me going through the options, the materials, the colors and making sure I was comfortable with the size, location and look of the awning.  Because of the location it was difficult to figure out how to install the awning without having it look visible from the lake.  Jay went back to the office and brought in Rick to work with both of us to make sure we had a solution I was comfortable with.  He engineered a great solution and checked everything out a few times before installation.  The result is great.  I am really happy with it.  Rick showed up the first day I was there to see it after it was installed to make sure everything was great and I knew exactly how it worked.  I am very impressed with the service and the quality of the solution and the product.  Thanks Thermal Tech.  The summers on the front deck will be a lot more enjoyable knowing we can put out the awning if we need to!"

Michael Smith, Home Owner

"This is just a short note to express my appreciation for our relationship over the past ten years. It all started with a canopy over the back deck and two sun awnings on our home. The cooling effect was incredible and made the deck useable, which it was not prior to the canopy.  A few years later we got serious and had your company come in and build us a totally new deck, install aluminum railing around it and extend the canopy to cover all of it. Now it is like we added a sun room. Next came all the new windows through the house installed by Thermal Tech and finally you recently completed re-siding both house and garage.  It looks fantastic! The team you sent to do the job of siding did excellent work. They were dependable and very efficient and completed the job in a timely manner. The same can be said for the re-build of the deck and the addition to the canopy and the window installation.  The prices for all this work were fair. The craftsmanship of your employees is outstanding and I would not hesitate to hire Thermal Tech again anytime I decide to do exterior work on my house."

Daphne Miller, Home Owner

"Thank you for doing such a good job on my house.  Thank you for making everything so easy and comfortable while you were here."

Eleanor Benz, Home Owner

"Thank you to Jay, David and Anthony:

You all did a super job making our house look like a new home -

AND the kicker is Forrest is so proud. Have heard him ask people if they have seen our house and how nice it looks. :)

Jay, thank you for not giving up during our initial visit and how you were verbally abused but understanding - so between the two of use we went ahead and got the job underway and it is now like it was his request from the beginning! Time does wonders.

The house is snug and warm which is a bonus. I almost want a blizzard to happen so we can really see how snug the house is - no I would not wish a blizzard but one day there will be one whether I wish it or not.

New windows are nice and the soffit really dressed the porch up. Thanks for the suggestions.

Our son-in-law has been recommending you to folks he has talked to. Other son in law that has Distinctive Counter Tops was the one that suggested we go with you. It looks like you have three families saying good things about Thermal Tech."

David and Glenice Crockett, Home Owners

"We are writing this letter of recommendation about Thermal Tech, and the great job they did on siding our home this July and August of 2016. In working with Jay Nordwall on the selection of color, type and how we wanted the siding to look was an easy task. He was knowledgeable about the products they handle and listened to what we wanted and had good understanding of what we wanted from our conversations. As the work began, the crew that arrived at our home were professional, polite and took care not to leave a mess around the house each day as they finished day by day. As the job progressed along we were quite pleased at the paying attention of details of the house and property. We would be more than glad to give our recommendation to anyone who is looking for a professional job to be done by Thermal Tech. - Sincerely David and Glenice C."

Robert Martens, Home Owner

"Just had a fixed awning installed by the excellent folks at Themal Tech. From the initial consultation to enjoying the finished product, Themal Tech has been an absolute pleasure to do business with. I most de丘nitely won’t have a problem recommending them to anyone that asks. KUDOS to Jay and his whole team!"